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  • Roomlist: Browse real-time listings of a users rooms.
  • Outfits: Access a vast gallery of user outfits and information.
  • Profile Viewer: View detailed user profiles and reveal hidden ages.
  • Catalog Viewer: Explore our extensive catalog viewer.
  • Private Tracker: Go as far as tracking private rooms.
  • Live Tracker: Get live updates and stay informed about real-time events.


Why choose BotPower?

BotPower stands out as the premier choice for VU users due to our unparalleled speed, extensive databases, and commitment to keeping our data up-to-date.

What makes BotPower the fastest option?

BotPower utilizes advanced technology and optimization techniques to deliver lightning-fast performance. Our systems are designed for speed, ensuring that you get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

We don't safelist for most our services!

BotPower does not safelist any users. We created our platform to provide equal access to information for all users, without any restrictions or limitations. This does not apply to our exclusive service!

We are ads free!

BotPower is proud to be an ad-free platform. We believe in providing a clean, streamlined experience for our users, free from distractions and interruptions. Our focus is on delivering high-quality data and services, without the need for intrusive advertising.